First Reward Distribution Model ICO on Turtle Network

Revenue model based on Ad placements and content sharing which is possible by utilizing Google Adsense as well as Facebook’s audience network.

Conversion rate of 1 HN updated daily
0.17 TN

0.013 WGR

0.0006 WAVES

0.00000027 BTC

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ICO Ends in...

Time is up, sorry!

84,323 WGR & 7,406 WAVES

5,149,000 TN & 1,34 BTC

ICO Participants


$HN 100,000 minimum requirement
Our Core

What is Hellenic Node?

My name is Odysseas Vasileiadis (Odma on social media channels). Since 2014 I have successfully operated my own revenue model which I will now share with the community via our Hellenic Node project in Turtle Network. Hellenic Node is also, as the name implies, a node I operate and maintain in order to support Turtle Network.

In short, my revenue model is based on ad placements and content sharing which is possible by utilizing Google Adsense as well as Facebook’s audience network. In short we operate at the moment around 40 Facebook Pages (almost 1,5 Million unique Likes) and we lead all this people to our media websites in Greece. This model has been proven to work and for this reason I would like to take it mainstream and share it with our Hellenic Node and Turtle Network community.

Our target is to offer this model so each member can expect a complete return on investment within 13 months or less. More details about the model’s structure will be mentioned shortly.

I have been running this business model from 2014 with outstanding profit so i think its about time to take it to the next level within “Cryptocurency world” and with Hellenic Node (HN) .

Hellenic Node will run a real business model with the target to get our investment back in 12-13 months and from that time it will be a win win situation over the months and for ever. The only way our model is at fatal risk is if Facebook itself is shut down.

  • Revenue model
  • Ad placements
  • Content sharing
  • Utilizing Google Adsense
  • Facebook’s audience network
  • Mainstream with HN and TNetwork community
**A live streaming presentation of our work! Real time data**
"We guarantee that our model provides a steady source of loyalty benefits, if you found us in hopes of getting “moons and lambos in 30 days” then this opportunity you must pass…”

Ad placement example on our website

How we work?

Allow me to describe the process of how this project is able to succeed. A total of 5 staff members are needed, three people will upload content, another person will translate accordingly and the fifth person will fill in where it is most needed at any given time, be it posting content or translating.

From our staff members, the content uploaders will work 7 hours each per day. Their main duty is to upload content on a daily basis. The content varies as sometimes it is original and other times it references other authors. All the articles will also be published on our Facebook pages.

The process is very simple:

We create content in the form of articles » these are published on our Facebook pages » People click to read them » Traffic is directed to our website(s) » revenue is generated.

With the revenue generated each month we will purchase $TN, $WGR and $WAVES from the open market and distribute proportionally to qualified $HN supporters. The minimum requirement to qualify is holding $HN 100,000 in your TurtleNetwork wallet.

Our targets

We create the first line up of our Facebook Pages.

60 to 90 days are necessary to complete our first Facebook lineup. With as few as 10 pages our model begins to generate revenue. One of our main goals is to garner 5,000,000 “Likes” under our model.

Expect ROI target : 13 months or less

Our work begins as soon as the soft cap is fulfilled and allocated funds for Tier 1 released. Soon thereafter….

Second Ad placement example on our website

Our media in Greece

Distributed Rewards to $HN Holders

– Every month Hellenic Node will distribute $TN $WGR and $WAVES to all wallets with a balance of $HN 100,000 or more.
– The distribution of rewards will be proportional to the total amount of $HN held in the wallet during the previous month (random snapshots will be taken during month prior to distribution).
– The 1st distribution will take place 90 days after successfully completing our ICO, thereafter every distribution will be on a monthly basis.
– Once ICO ends and Soft Cap is reached, 20% of remaining tokens will be AirDropped to supporters while the remaining 80% will be AirDropped on a specified schedule (to be determined after 20% of tokens are AirDropped).
– In the event that Soft Cap (USD $80,000) is not reached by the end date, all ICO supporters will be refunded within 15 working days


tokens up for sale


Likes from our proven model


of that revenue will distribute to HN holders


percentage of unsold tokens AirDropped to $HN supporters after ICO

Hellenic Node is live on


Hellenic Node Roadmap

10 Facebook pages created, each page costs $2,000. - Main website created - 2 additional websites created as alias.
October 2018
10 additional Facebook pages created (thus driving more traffic to our websites). amount of additional expected traffic from 10 more pages
December 2018
10 additional Facebook pages created (thus driving more traffic to our websites). - At that point Hellenic Node will have 30 facebook pages and the monthly distribution of rewards enabled.
March 2019
10 additional Facebook pages created (thus driving more traffic to our websites). - Business model upgraded to facilitate implementation on Instagram and Twitter.
June 2019
10 additional Facebook pages created (thus driving more traffic to our websites). - Complete version of our Facebook program that will lead to highest possible ROI.
October 2019
Meet Our Brilliant Minds

Hellenic Node Team

Payment proofs + Working Data

Google Analytics Data, Google Adsense, Facebook Invoices

We understand how important it is to provide data in order to back up our claims and to show you that our proposal is not only serious and promising, but more importantly, it is a proven model. In order to prove to you that this model is sucessful we have prepared a package which contains Alexa ranking of my previous work in Greece, invoices from Google Adsense as well as Facebook which show actual revenue earned. As long as we reach our Soft Cap we can guarantee that our business model will launch and that our investors will be rewarded accordingly within the timeline projected to fulfill ROI.

Below you can see some screenshots of my current working model which generates respective returns as shown on the invoices.

This project is not a shot in the dark or based on hopeful analysis or statistics.

As mentioned before, this is a working model which has been proven successful over the past 4 years. It is not a new concept or an idea waiting to be tested with all the risk resting on investors’ shoulders.

Token Sale

How to buy Hellenic Node (HN) tokens

Ico Start: Monday, July 16th, 2018, 10:00 AM (GMT)
Ico End: Friday August 17th, 2018, 10:00 AM (GMT)
Hard cap: USD $100,000
Soft cap: USD $80,000
Token: Hellenic Node (HN)
Symbol: HN
Asset ID: 3GvqjyJFBe1fpiYnGsmiZ1YJTkYiRktQ86M2KMzcTb2s
Exchange rate: 1 HN = 0.17 TN | 0.0013 WGR | 0.0006 WAVES | 0.00000027 BTC | Conversion rate of 1 HN updated daily
Blockchain of choice: Turtle Network

Payment Methods

Targets - Distribution

Crowdsale Targets - Token Distribution

We need to sell 48.500.000 tokens at the price of USD $0.0017 minimum to run the project. If we don’t hit the soft cap all the funds will be refunded immediately.

Soft Cap: USD $80,000
Hard Cap: USD $100,000

If the Hard Cap is reached, we will be able to create up to 50 Facebook pages which in turn can garner around 5.2 million “Likes” in total. Each page will be able to amass around 150,000 “Likes” under my proven and currently working model.

Our main priority is to be transparent at every turn of the process. Each page will cost between USD $2,000 ~ USD $2,500. All respective records for expenses involved in creating each page will be provided to our community.

  • Allocated for ICO : 60,000,000
  • TNetwork Community AirDrop : 1,250,000
  • Growth Hacking : 5,000,000

Current $HN in circulation amounts to 5,382,315. Only 8 wallets hold more than $HN 100,000.

Since total supply of $HN is 100,000,000 and considering the allocated amount for ICO is 66,250,000 that means a total of $HN 28,367,685 will be burnt immediately after ICO tokens are sold or the crowdsale comes to an end and Soft Cap is met.

Nonetheless, should the Hard Cap not be attained, we will be able to proceed with a set number of pages according to the amount collected by the end of the crowdsale.

Our project will be launched on TurtleNetwork and $HN tokens will be distributed within 15 days after ICO ends.

*The 5,382,315.00 are circulating already that’s why they are missing from the graph*

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